Course curriculum

This course is for customers of the Old Ways Made New Team only.

  • 1

    Welcome! Let's Get Started!

    • How to Ask Questions

    • Resource Links, Phone Numbers and Product Guide

    • I am New to Oils. Help! What Do I Do Next?

    • Live Guide for Membership Overview

    • Membership Overview

  • 2

    Wellness Program

    • Overview of the Wellness Program

    • Relief Wellness Program and Ebook

    • Mind and Mood Wellness Program and Ebook

    • Immunity Wellness Program and Ebook

    • Sleep Wellness Program

    • Respiratory Wellness Program

  • 3

    Application Tips

    • How to Make a Roller, Spray, Veggie Cap + How to Use Diffuser

    • Safety and Photosensitivity

    • Reflexology - Hand and Foot

  • 4

    How to Order

    • How to Order Next

  • 5

    Essential Oils A-Z

    • Learn more about your essential oils and doTERRA Products

  • 6

    Protocols for Specific Issues

    • Ultimate Respiratory Protection Program